Dear Reader is set to release her third album on January 9th as a break-up record to her religious roots. Idealistic Animals spans eleven tracks and animals, with 'Bear (Young’s Done In)' being the first single. The baroque pop beats and airy vocals of Dear Reader set the soundscape for sweeping strings and woodwinds, as a story unfolds. You can download 'Bear (Young’s Done In)' here:

'Idealistic Animals' tracklisting:

  • 1. FOX (Take Your Chances)
  • 2. MONKEY (You Can Go Home)
  • 3. MOLE (Mole)
  • 4. EARTHWORM (All Hail Our Ailing Mother)
  • 5. GIRAFFE (What's Wrong With Us)
  • 6. MAN (Idealistic Animals)
  • 7. CAMEL (Not Black or White but Camel)
  • 8. WHALE (BooHoo)
  • 9. BEAR (Young's Done In)
  • 10. ELEPHANT (Hearter)
  • 11. KITE (Soon We'll Light Up)