What better way to spend a sunny summer day than lay on the grass in Hyde Park with your friends, equipped with nothing but food, drink and a set of speakers? I did this a lot in my teen years, and a band that featured frequently on our playlist was Death Cab For Cutie, especially their song 'Sound Of Settling'. Their music is so nostalgic!

More likely than not, about five years ago pretty much everyone in your class was watching a dramatic episode of The OC with Death Cab playing in the background, had a little cry, and then went on MySpace afterwards to post a bulletin about how much they love Seth Cohen... No? Just me, then.

Death Cab For Cutie's album, Codes And Keys, has deservedly received rave reviews, and the title track from the record is being released as a single on 8th August. If you, daresay, never have seen the band live, there is a chance to see them play in the UK over the next month. Their tour dates are as follows:

01 Hop Farm Festival w/ Eagles and more
02 Milton Keynes Bowl w/ Foo Fighters

04 Manchester Academy
05 Nottingham Rock City
07 London O2 Academy Brixton