Wahoo! Death Cab for Cutie have shared the first track – called 'Black Sun' – from their upcoming new album, Kintsugi, due 30th March. It's the first album not to feature producer and guitarist Chris Walla (Editor's Note: Walla does feature on the album, but didn't produce it), since he left the band last year, and as such perhaps that's what the title refers to: kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer resin that's been mixed with gold dust, making a point of showing the breakages up but with a shiny, new lustre. It's interesting – read more about it here.

With a smart snappy beat and a simple, aching guitar melody, 'Black Sun' begins beautifully. And it continues as such, introducing subtle cloudbursts of almost Balearic synth and a gloriously distorted crunchy guitar solo towards the end, whilst the vocals sing of beauty in failure and hope in despair. The fractured, damaged kind of happiness that the instrumental side of this song exhibits suits the sentiment very nicely. Listen below.

Check out the artwork and tracklisting for Kintsugi here.