One album… then BOOM. They're gone. Away into the ether, fly home, fly home. And so the upper airs of this world of ours contained the screams and shouts of puzzled people asking, "Why did Death From Above 1979 disappear?" Handwringing; rolling around on the floor; trichotillomania.

Then they reappeared earlier this year, to as much pomp and circumstance as an old hero returning alive and well from Helm's Deep. Which is fair enough because, well, they make great music. In 2004 they released You're A Woman, I'm A Machine and it's this year, literally 10 years later, that they release their second, The Physical World (which to be honest we loved), and prove that their heyday is far from over.

Anyway, yes, they're going on tour. In 2015. Or if they're coming nearer to me, they're coming on tour? They'll be in London for one night only so get yer tickets cos they'll be sold out in lickety-split innit.

Forever immortalised by CSS in 'Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above'. Tour dates below.

Oh: if you're wondering what Death From Above 1979 might be like live, well, we saw them at Electric Ballroom recently and took some photos if you wanna check em out.


  • February 2015
  • Friday 20th – Academy, DUBLIN
  • Saturday 21st – Limelight, BELFAST
  • Monday 23rd – ABC, GLASGOW
  • Tuesday 24th – Ritzy, MANCHESTER
  • Wednesday 25th – Brixton Academy, LONDON
  • Thursday 26th – Institute, BIRMINGHAM
  • Saturday 28th – Gaite Lyrique, PARIS

  • March 2015
  • Sunday 1st – AB Box, BRUSSELS
  • Monday 2nd – Den Atelier, LUXEMBOURG
  • Tuesday 3rd – Markthalle, HAMBURG
  • Thursday 5th – Postbahnhof, BERLIN
  • Friday 6th – Visions Party, DORTMUND
  • Saturday 7th – Where the Wild Things Are, ROTTERDAM