As a man who writes about all kinds of bands, songs and albums, it's not everyday that you hear a story that gets you so excited to the point of giddiness. That's the case today when it was revealed that Death From Above 1979 are not only staying together again, but also going on tour to test out some new music they've made together. Yes, you read that correctly, new music.

Speaking on the band's website, Sebastian Grainger talked about the new music that the duo have created so far.

"Jesse and I have been writing new songs and the only way we feel like we can make them any good is to go out and play them for people. We’re going to throw our little muscle bound babies to the lions and see who survives. We tried just jumping into the studio, but the songs lacked spirit. They lacked life. So this tour is song CPR.

"There's no way for us to do it anonymously anymore, so we’re inviting you to come along with us. Watch us Do It. The way we used to. The way everyone used to. We’re a band, and bands just work it out together."

Extremely exciting and promising no? You can view DFA 1979's upcoming Canadian tour dates below.

  • Tour Dates:
  • 10/28 – Hamilton, ON @ Studio Theatre
  • 10/29 – Peterborough, ON @ Venue
  • 10/30 – London, ON @ London Music Hall
  • 11/01 – Kitchener, ON @ Wax Nightclub
  • 11/02 – Laval, QC @ Studio Theatre
  • 11/03 – Quebec City, QC @ Union Commericale
  • 11/04 – Ottawa, ON @ Ritual
  • 11/05 – Kingston, ON @ Alehouse
  • 11/07 – Fredericton, NB @ THe Market
  • 11/08 – Moncton, NB @ Oxygen
  • 11/09 – Halifax, NS @ Olympic Hall
  • 11/11 – St. Johns, NL @ Club One