Although a new album isn't expected from the industrial hip-hop group until sometime next year, Death Grips are giving us a taste of what to expect from them in the coming year. And it's a bit weird. Definitely not something you would listen to at breakfast lest your toast go cold and your cornflakes go soggy as you try to figure out what the hell is actually going on.

Entitled 'Birds', it feels as though The Prodigy has finally recaptured what made them great in the 90s and released something that could easily sit alongside their earlier stuff. With a punk beat lying under some creepy Halloween esque synths, MC Ride raps about dead bluebirds in an almost melancholic, unenergetic way, a change from the usually frenetic energy we expect. When put through layers of reverb and vocoders, it makes the track darker and weirder. Couple that with a guitar melody that sound as though they are almost melting their way into your ears like molten steel, it's this slow progression that gives you that sense of unease and weirdness as opposed to the chaotic speed usually seen with Death Grips.

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