Can love be analysed, explained, and perhaps even taught? Is it a magical and mysterious phenomenon, or a skill, or perhaps art, that with hard work, patience, and practice, can be honed and refined? German-born American psychoanalyst and social philosopher Erich Fromm believed it was later, and he wrote extensively about his thoughts on the subject in his 1956 book, The Art of Loving.

On the 21st of September 2018, Mexico-born, New York-based producer, jogwheel meme loving DJ, and club-conceptualist Debit will offer her thoughts on the subject with her new EP Love Discipline, due for release in cassette tape and digital download formats through Quiet Time. Inspired by the thinking Erich Fromm fleshed out throughout The Art of Loving; its five-song running time sees Debit diving deep. Stepping sideways from the kinetic Latinx rhythm-grooves of her N.A.A.F.I.-released debut album Animus, with Love Discipline she amplifies the atmospheric side of the avant-club experimentation that was an equal element in the spiritual-philosophical illuminations of the record.

Although Love Discipline isn’t out for a few weeks, today we can listen to one track from the project, ‘Overcome Isolation.’ You can stream it below via Soundcloud, and preorder Love Discipline here. You can also watch Debit’s recent ‘Remain’ music video here.