Today's Advent Calendar playlist is from Trash Kit.

"Now that it's that time of year again we gift you with some of our favourite tunes to warm you up and get you through the long winter ahead. Dancing is optional but advised."

1. Silver Fox - 'Arosa'

2. Kate Bush - 'Love and Anger'

3. Chicco - 'I Need Some Money'

4. Sade - 'When Am I Going To Make A Living'

5. King Ayisoba - 'Wicked Leaders'

6. Lal and Mike Waterson - 'Child Among The Weeds'

7. Mdou Moctar - 'à la maison'

8. Tirzah - 'I'm Not Dancing'

9. Ponytail - 'Beg Waves'

10. Khaira Arby - 'Mali'