Today's Advent Calendar playlist is from Cymbals Eat Guitars. They play The Garage in London on January 12th.

"When we think about the Christmas season, we usually think of presents, parties, bright lights and blockbuster films. Family, friends, joy, and laughter. Heartache, pettiness, and despair. The warm embrace of a loved one or an extra scotch when you just can't even. But the real reason for the season is Jesus. How he can drive your car when you can't quite manage, how he can figure into your deepest, darkest fantasies, how he werks that runway. Don't forget about your friend Jesus on his birthday. He always remembers yours."

1. Brand New - 'Jesus Christ'

2. The Vaselines - 'Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam'

3. Carrie Underwood - 'Jesus, Take The Wheel'

4. Depeche Mode - 'Personal Jesus'

5. Kurt Vile - 'Jesus Fever'

6. Jesus Jones - 'Right Here Right Now'

7. The Doobie Brothers - 'Jesus Is Just Alright With Me'

8. Modest Mouse - 'Jesus Christ Was An Only Child'

9. Lady Gaga - 'Black Jesus + Amen Fashion'

10. Big Star - 'Jesus Christ'