Today's Advent Calendar playlist is from Spoon.

"Spoon recently returned from a short European tour. We played only two German shows. But, every time I am there, I think of the rich history of German bands and also the amazing music that gets recorded there by artists from all over the world. Our keyboard player, Eric, was lucky enough to spend a week in Berlin after the tour. Every time he sent me a picture of a sausage or a crazy bar he was in…one of these songs popped into my head. So, these are all songs recorded in Germany or are made by Germans… this list could have gone on forever for me…but enjoy these 10 highlights."

1. Kraftwerk - 'Antenna'

2. David Bowie - 'Helden/Heroes'

3. The Brian Jonestown Massacre - 'Vad Hande Med Dem?'

4. Harmonia & Eno '76 - 'Welcome'

5. Can - 'I Want More'

6. Supergrass - 'Diamond Hoo Ha Man'

7. D.A.F. - 'Sato-Sato'

8. Depeche Mode - 'Everything Counts'

9. Iggy Pop - 'Nightclubbing'

10. Neu! - 'Negativland'