Today's Advent Calendar playlist is from the awesome, awesome, awesome Mothica.

"Here are some of my favourite female vocalists that demonstrate "gloompop" - a term I totally made up but should be a real thing. Darkwave is alright, but it’s not all about being dark, or edgy, it’s about taking your sadness and dancing to it."

1. The Dø - 'Too Insistent' (Trentmoller Remix)

2. Labrynth Ear - 'Navy Light'

3. Odezsa - 'How Did I Get Here' (Lily Allen rework)

4. Sleep Over - 'Romantic Streams'

5. Shura - 'Touch'

6. Superhumanoids - 'Come Say Hello'

7. Lykke Li - 'Everybody But Me'

8. Tirzah - 'I'm Not Dancing'

9. Wild Belle - 'Backslider'

10. Melody’s Echo Chamber - 'I Follow You'