Today's Advent Calendar playlist is from Meat Wave.

"Living in Illinois can really suck sometimes. The winters are increasingly terrible and the state is one of the most corrupt in the country. Although living here, one thing we've all noticed is how many incredible bands are from Illinois. We've gone to so many shows here that we'd like to think we're experts on the subject. Here are ten videos of great bands from Illinois."

1. Paper Mice - Live at Ball Hall

2. Foul Tip - 'Madness'

3. Oozing Wound - 'Going Through the Motions til I Die'

4. The Arrivals - 'Drill Baby Drill'

5. Troubled Hubble - 'Nancy' (live)

6. The Brokedowns - 'Wizard Symptoms'

7. Absolutely Not - 'Stalker Two'

8. Geronimo! - 'Mr. President'

9. Lil Tits - 'Street Witch'

10. Dr. Manhattan - 'Mailman'