In the last couple of years Fred Welton Warmsley III has caught the ear of many ambient music fans with his work as Dedekind Cut on his 2016 album $uccessor and this year's The Expanding Domain EP. Amongst those captivated by his unique, spiralling soundscapes are Kranky, the Chicago label which has put out seminal records by other ambient/minimal artists Grouper, Tim Hecker, Windy & Carl, and many more classics from artists in all sorts of experimental genres. Now, they have added Dedekind Cut to that esteemed list.

Kranky have made the early and exciting announcement that they will release Dedekind Cut's second full-length on February 23rd. The album is called Tahoe in homage to the lake city where Warmsley now resides. The album was recorded in a number of different locations including New York, Berlin, Cambridge, and Placer County, California, so it's no wonder that he describes it as a “time peace,” [sic] encompassing “the past, the present, future, and fantasy.”

That release date for Tahoe seems like an awfully long way away, for now we have the title track from the album to keep us sated. Listen to 'Tahoe' below.

It's likely he'll be previewing a lot of the new material on his upcoming European tour which stretches out through the rest of the year. Check out the dates below.

Dedekind Cut tour dates:

07.10 Flux [Guimares]
08.10 Much Festival, ZBD [Lisbon] w/ Alex Zhang Hungtai
15.10 Berghain [Berlin]
20.10 TBA [Cologne]
21.10 Klub Kegelbahn [Lucerne]
05.11 Warsaw [NYC]
08.11 Mayhem [Copenhagen]
09.11 Flux [Aarhus]
10.11 Ableton Loop [Berlin] Dolby Surround collaboration
10.11 Le Guess Who [Utrecht]
11.11 Mira Festival [Barcelona]
12.11 Ableton Loop [Berlin] Dolby Surround collaboration
17.11 Intruder Alert [Warsaw]
18.11 Ride [Athens]
16.12 Le Chinois [Paris]