London is currently suffering through the dark dreary months on winter. It's dark by 4pm, it's cold, it's wet, it's windy and just all around yucky. Strangely, none of that matters when you hear 'Voyage' from San Diego-based producer Martel Howard (aka DeDunamis). It's a bright and bodacious slice of Californian sunshine, full of new age funk and soul with some sweet keys, synths and bass.

Speaking to us via email, DeDunamis explained that the track came up after completing another record from his No Signal EP, which just dropped on Soundcloud. "'Voyage' came about shortly after I made 'California' which has a similar vibe. Initially I wasn't going to put out the track just yet, but it felt right to release it with the rest of the No Signal EP. I'll definitely be putting out some other tracks that sound like these in the future. I may even do a whole project with this sound in mind."

The No Signal EP is available now as a free download from SoundCloud.