14 April marks the late-night takeover of Deep Shit. The “intense party music” of Deep Shit includes members from Friendly Fires, Foals, and a special DJ set from Junior Boys.

Aside from the Junior Boys inclusion, this party may comes as a bit of a surprise, given the musical pedigree of the aforementioned Friendly Fires and Foals. But band members Jack Savidge and Edwin Congreave have a regarded affinity for the underground dance scene, and are more than willing to exhibit it.

The 14 April event will be hosted in room one of London’s Corsica Studios, with room two set by Will Saul’s Simple Records. You can find tickets here.

  • Room 1 - Warm v Deep Shit
  • Jack Savidge (Friendly Fires)
  • Edwin Congreave (Foals)
  • Junior Boys (DJ Set)
  • Warm Residents
  • Room 2 - Simple
  • Will Saul (Simple / Aus)
  • John Roberts - LIVE (Dial)
  • Sei A (Turbo / Simple)