Excitement time... Deerhunter have announced that their fourth LP, Halcyon Digest, will be released by 4AD on September 27th (28th in the US). Photobucket Bradford Cox has designed a flyer by hand in the cut-and-paste style of his new-wave heroes and is asking Fans to print the flyer out, photocopy it, and paste it around town – in their favorite independent record store, co-op, bedroom, library, toilet etc. They are asked to take photos of the flyers where they hang them and send them to flyers@halcyondigest.com, where they will be posted. Fans are asked to include the city where the photo was taken in the email. Remember, only post them up in places in which you've been given permission! Those who send in images will be the first to hear (via an e-mailed link) Halcyon Digest's first single in the next few weeks. They will also receive an exclusive non-album track that will not be available anywhere else. For more info, head over to http://halcyondigest.com/