Good news, Deerhunter fans: the band's 2008 album Microcastle is being reissued on vinyl this summer via 4AD, and will include Weird Era Cont.

The album was initially released in October 2008 as the follow-up to 2006's Cryptograms. Featuring Nico Vernhes on production, Microcastle marked Deerhunter's 4AD debut release and was recorded over the course of a week in Brooklyn.

The album was originally accompanied by a bonus collection of tracks titled Weird Era Cont. - which was put together for fans following Microcastle's leak. However, the double-LP was never available outside of the US on vinyl.... until now.

Mark it in your calendars; June 30th is officially Christmas Day for Deerhunter fans! It's worth mentioning that this is a 405 favourite. Don't sleep on this one.