Toronto art punks Deliluh have a new album called Beneath the Floors coming out next Friday, November 15th, on Tin Angel Records. Having already picked 'Lickspittle (A Nut in the Paste)' as one of our Tracks Of The Day, we now have the pleasure of bringing you the video for the title track from the record, 'Beneath The Floors'.

Kyle Knapp, frontman of Deliliuh, says: "The title track of the record is about a haunting. The song catches up with the storyline of the protagonist from the album’s opener, far away from the home and life he earlier opted to abandon. I wrote the story on the GO Train, on my way to visit family in the countryside outside of Toronto."

Halloween may be over, but Deliluh are here to remind us that fears are omnipotent - not just for All Hallow's Eve. 'Beneath the Floors' takes the form of a skeletal and slowly lurching indie song, which matches perfectly with Knapp's spoken-word tale that takes place at night in a dilapidated hotel. As the story of 'Beneath the Floors' unfolds, the music plays just as much of an important role as the words themselves, with tumbling drums like bodiless footsteps, synthesizers moaning like a spirit trapped in an attic, and keyboards rising like alluring ghosts tempting you into their dangerous tricks. Knapp continues to tell the tale, rife with unsettling images - somewhat akin to The Shining - before his voice is subsumed by its surroundings and the supernatural envelops him.

The video for 'Beneath the Floors' was created by Toronto artist Gart Darley, and is a beautiful moving collage of psychedelic images that shift and move through unearthly dimensions. Watch it below.

Deliluh's new album Beneath the Floors is out next Friday. They're touring Europe over the next month at these dates:

8th November, German - Hamburg, Hafenklang: Goldener Salon
11th November, France - Strasbourg, Stimultania
13th November, France – Dijon, Chiffonier
14th November, France – Limoges, Le Phare
15th November, France - Saint Ouen, Mains D'oeuvres
16th November, France – Rennes, Rituel 111 @ Ubu
18th November, France - Amiens, House Show
19th November, Belgium – Liege, Kultura
21st November, Denmark, Leipzig, TIFF
22nd November, UK – Bristol, Lanes
23rd November, UK – Nottingham, JT Soar
24th November, UK – Manchester, Yes Basement
25th November, UK – Newcastle, Tyne Bar
26th November, UK – Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
27th November UK – London, Peckham Audio
5th December, Belgium – Mons, Salle Des Arbalestiers
7th December, Netherlands – Nijmegen, Upon The My-O-My Festival