Collaborations are always cool ideas. Well I mean, depending on who is actually collaborating, of course. So what about Bonobo, Kwes and Dels on one, unreleased track? Yep. And what about Dels then performing this track in a basement or tunnel or some other kind of brick-and-peeling-plaster subterranean den at the Brunel Museum? Oh, with a string quartet, too.

It's been done in association with Noisey and Philips (collaboration, see?) who have teamed up for 'You need to hear this'. The concept is pretty simple: "Take the best music you haven't heard yet, add audio experiences that will blow off headphones or speakers, and you've got 'You Need To Hear This'." Who will be next to join together in this musical harmony I do wonder…

There are a bunch of real pretty-looking headphones that have been born out of this collabo, too. The new range is called CitiScape and they were made to be seen wearing. Not like my Philips headphones which are like, really old – there's nothing wrong with them, they're just really raggedy. But CitiScape: these are purrrrdy. Check em out.

Watch the video below.