Alternative rap supergroup Deltron 3030 are returning with the follow-up to 2000's self-titled debut. Deltron: Event II is due October 1st, and it features a bevy of guest contributors. See the full tracklist, as well as the album's trailer (featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt) below.

Deltron 3030 are also releasing a three-track EP, City Rising From the Ashes, on August 13th in anticipation of the new album.

  • Deltron 3030: Event II tracklist:
  • 1. Stardate (ft. Joseph Gordon-Levitt)
  • 2. The Return
  • 3. Pay the Price
  • 4. Nobody Can (ft. Aaron Bruno of AWOL Nation)
  • 5. Lawnchair Quarterback Pt. 1 (ft. David Cross and Amber Tamblyn)
  • 6. Melding of the Minds (ft. Zach De La Rocha)
  • 7. The Agony (ft. Mary Elizabeth Winstead)
  • 8. Back in the Day (ft. The Lonely Island)
  • 9. Talent Supersedes (ft. Black Rob)
  • 10. Look Across the Sky (ft. Mary Elizabeth Winstead)
  • 11. The Future of Food (ft. David Chang)
  • 12. My Only Love (ft. Emily Wells)
  • 13. What Is This Loneliness (ft. Damon Albarn and Casual)
  • 14. Lawnchair Quarterback Pt. 2 (ft. David Cross and Amber Tamblyn)
  • 15. City Rising From the Ashes (background vocals by Mike Patton)
  • 16. Do You Remember (ft. Jamie Cullum)