Later this year, Bulgarian-born, Berlin-based singer/producer Dena will release her new EP Trust. Along with sharing details of the EP, she's also sharing the first single 'Lights Camera Action' which, like the rest of the EP, started life as a demo created in Garageband.

Written in LA, 'Lights Camera Action' is inspired by "the cinematic nature of live and love and how relationships can feel like they're under the lens." Speaking on the track via a press release, Dena said: "'Trust' is about the moment when your comfort zone within a relationship is shaken up. I basically wanted to freeze that moment and observe it through a bunch of different angles. It's like navigating through the calmness before the storm before you take the decision of either to freak out or stay cool and move on."

'Lights Camera Action' is available now while the Trust EP is set for release on September 2.