Since last April, we haven’t heard much from the electro-pop duo denitia and sene. But fans haven’t exactly been deprived of new music; Denitia dropped a seven-track solo EP called Ceilings just three months later. She never was one to wait too long between releases, having been active in some capacity for almost a decade now, not to mention the two brand new tracks she’s released in 2018 alone. Keeping up the momentum, today Denitia debuts a new track written for struggling artists that strive for their art in the face of life’s uncertainty.

"Most of us are out here are going hard after what we want every day. When you're very young it seems like it should be easy. Then life throws all types of situations at you, and things unfold in unexpected ways. And that's the beauty of it. This song is for everybody on that winding journey. I started to think about all the people I know that moved to New York City to see their dreams come true, and all the people I know that run into weird little detours, and those weird little detours become life. That becomes the richness of experience. I can't control it. I can point myself in a direction, but at some point, I'm just along for the ride and when I see the joy of that in other people, I love it. It's special."

Denitia takes a smooth R&B approach to 'Special', singing over a low bassline and spaced out keys. With such a passionate chorus, it feels like a love song. If nothing else, it is filled with a healthy amount of sensual respect. The outro on the track is particularly captivating, with Denitia’s voice drifting further into the distance until the fade out.

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