Sometimes broken people hurt each other, but other times, when the cracks align just right, they're able to mend each other as well. Australian producers Wayfarer// and North Elements explore the concept through their warm blend of soulful synth-savvy electronica, while enlisting talented NYC-based vocalist Denitia to put their musical mix into words. Together, it's a sincere fit.

"I've always been fascinated by the Japanese art form, Kintsugi, the art of embracing damage. This song is a romanticism of this same concept. Your imperfections and impermanence make you a work of art, aptly reflected through the artwork created by Berlin based Tala Who," North Elements says.

Denitia approached the song in a more emotional manner: "I've been feeling extra intense lately, and these days, the world feels like it's constantly caving in… when I find something I really want, it feels fragile and urgent. The pressure and the need to live truly in the moment when nothing else is ever promised.. it's beautiful and scary all at once.. To find someone to fall apart with, it's good company."