Leeds-based duo Denton Thrift have been making furtive excursions into the music scene with a couple of tracks released in 2017, the delicate 'Fear In The Night' and their confident cover of Sade's 'Sweetest Taboo' both pricking up the ears of anyone who heard them. Now they're taking an even bolder step forward with their new single 'Confessional', which is as honest and deeply emotive as that title might suggest.

The duo tells us, "‘Confessional' is a song written from the perspective of someone struggling with mental illness while trying to keep a relationship together. Having the realisation that they might not ever recover from the illness, their only choice is to confess to their partner that they may not ever be capable of change, hoping that the truth will solidify them. In a bittersweetness they know their partner will not leave, however, they cannot reconcile with their decision to stay."

That world-tearing inner turmoil is certainly tangible in 'Confessional', with deeply thumping bass like a nervous heart, coupled with skittering percussion suggesting a fidgety demeanour, we get the feeling of being in a body full of mental and physical discomfort yearning to be unburdened. The couple's intertwining vocals, coupled with stylish synth beds, suggest a desired intimacy, like two disconnected inner monologues trying to reach out for each other but not quite having the courage to make the first move. As 'Confessional' reaches its climax and all these elements come to a swirling whole, you feel as though the confession is right on the tip of their tongues, waiting to be released into the intimate environment of two lovers, ready to be explored and confronted together.

Listen to 'Confessional' below.

'Confessional' will be released tomorrow as a single, and will feature on their Sight EP, coming this summer. In the meantime follow Denton Thrift on Facebook and Instagram.