After releasing a remix EP containing songs from his debut Life After Defo last year, Deptford Goth is back with the release of his sophomore album Songs, due out on 3 November (EU)/4 November (US) via 37 Adventures/PIAS. You can stream the first taste of the album, 'The Lovers', below.

Although his last album was more focused on slow-burning R&B jams blended seamlessly with dream-pop influences, Songs will add more elements of singer/songwriter traditions. In a press release, he explained “it wasn’t a conscious decision," adding “But I’ve become more accepting of my voice, so it’s more prominent now, which led to structuring the songs in a more classic way. I also wanted people to hear the lyrics. It’s a process of being more upfront and honest.”

The album artwork, which you can see above, is a continuation of the Life After Defo piece by Jordan Kasey. “I wanted a continuation. I wanted something figurative, but that resembled a landscape too. It represents to me a connection between the physical self and it’s surroundings, which is one of the album’s themes.”

  • Tracklist:
  • 1. Relics
  • 2. Do Exist
  • 3. The Lovers
  • 4. We Symbolise
  • 5. Code
  • 6. The Loop
  • 7. A Circle
  • 8. Near to a River
  • 9. Dust
  • 10. Two Hearts
  • 11. A Shelter, a Weapon

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