Label: DC Recordings Release Date: 23/02/09 Link: DC Recordings have been doing a favour to the world of wacky, cosmic, absurd, electro music lately. After showing an interest in the latest releases of Higamos Hogamos, I was also sent by the label this single from yet another surreal dance loon. J. Saul Kane, who goes by the professional identity of Depth Charge, has put together what we are told to be a concoction of his deviant thoughts and random muses, resulting in not so much a single, but the "ferrous monstrosity", of a creature he calls Mecha Squirrel. This sci-fi monster begins with a bass voiced narrator telling a typical sci-fi story about robots destroying Planet Earth, while accompanied by ripples of utensil-like percussion, like a low budget introduction to Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. As it turns into a dance track, stoccato keyboard sounds and a dominant synth bass deliver a number of blows, along with some abstract vocals. DC Recordings, having discovered another musician with a flare for sonic arrangement, have churned out a galactic journey of a record for our freaked out pleasure. 7/10