The best wristwatches are made in Switzerland, where technical innovation is combined with the best craftsmanship and fine watchmaking heritage. This can be seen in the iconic Richard Mille watches that started with the love and obsession for cars and is now often referred as a Racing Machine on the wrist.

Many athletes and celebrities are often seen wearing these high-end Swiss watches that not only give a luxury look but also provide quality function. If you spot someone at a function wearing a Richard Mille or a Patek Philippe Watch, you can easily tell that they are worth a lot of money, as these watches cost thousands of dollars.

While your favorite celebrities wearing top wristwatch brands could be admirable, one would wonder what makes them opt for these watches. Although there are several claims to support this and many factors to consider, having a Racing Machine on the wrist is a top reason many athletes and celebrities will choose a brand like Richard Mille over again.

Highlighted below are some key things that make it look like a Racing Car:

1. Long-Lasting Power

The average mechanical watch movement has up to 42 hours of power reserve and the amount of energy expelled by a watch depends on the features it has. The power reserve of a watch is one of the key ingredients to look out for in a watch. Richard Mille, for example, is made to last as long as 55 hours of power reserve, with a double-barrel system that keeps its torque stability intact. The mainspring wound, which drives the watch movement by the barrel, can also be adjusted according to the wearer’s level of activity.

2. The Crown

Being Swiss-made readily gives Richard Mille Watches their taste of excellence. It has a crown made of grade 5 titanium and the collar of Alcryn rubber. While the titanium makes the watch strong and lightweight, the Alcryn rubber has excellent abrasion resistance and dimensional stability. In addition to the Alcryn rubber is the collar made of clou de Paris decoration, which represents traditional watchmaking and also reflects a rich history.

3. Speed

There is a strong connection between watchmaking and automobile racing that has existed for decades. Many of the mechanical watches today with impressive speed got their inspiration from racing and high-performance cars. The design of the chronograph pushers, in Richard Mille, was inspired by the McLaren 720s’ headlights. These chronograph pushers are made of titanium to help keep it strong, as it works to activate the internal functions of the watch.

4. Record Lap Times

Many regular wristwatches would require you to stop, reset and restart the chronograph before you can reset function. This is however not the case with a wristwatch that uses a flyback chronograph. A flyback chronograph makes the watch useful for recording lap times, as the user can instantly reset function without stopping the chronograph

5. Solid Case

The casing is one of the most important features of the watch that more or less matches it with a race car. The light weight and strength of Richard Mille Watches can be likened to the McLaren race cars. It is made of Carbon TPT and Quartz TPT, interlaced, with the perfect length, width, and breadth. The Carbon and Quartz TPT makes the watch look similar to Mclaren’s sports cars, as it has similar lively colors, like the Orange color. The carbon also makes the watch resistant to high heat.

These five features and more simplifies how Richard Mille watches are designed like a racing car and has become a favorite for many athletes and celebrities.