It's been almost two years since the release of Kaputt, and it's only just grown on me as an album. Describing it as the best work Destroyer has ever created initially seemed ridiculous considering the depth of quality in his back catalogue, but I've failed to get bored of the album despite completely overplaying it. I was delighted, therefore, to get the chance to see Dan Bejar touring the album for the third time. With no new material announced as of yet, it wasn't entirely clear what we were going to get from the show.

First though, Weird Dreams were on stage. I struggle to really say anything about Weird Dreams of any interest. The band were, simply, quite good at playing their fairly basic brand of indie rock. It's seems awfully dismissive to just brand a group as 'competent' but it's difficult to describe Weird Dreams as anything else. Their music lacked a certain flair and complexity that would help it make itself known above the crowd and while they played an enjoyable set, it wasn't exactly memorable. On another night, maybe the band would have made more have an impact. But with what was about to follow it was difficult to find them anything but redundant.

It's difficult to overstate quite how good Destroyer's band is. From his drummer to his trumpet/general noise man, Dan Bejar has assembled a ridiculously good group of musicians. The group sounded tight and ridiculously sharp, but also emotive and lively. There's a lot of energy and passion to be found behind the instruments and this comes through in the music. It also sounds amazing. Each instrument is clear and precise and you can hear every single intricacy of Bejar's music, which is rare in a live setting. The musicians all seem to enjoy performing; there are constant smiles and a sense that however good they are we aren't just seeing a 'professional' show here. The long noise section of the gig, from the trumpet player, was especially impressive.

However, clearly the centre of a Destroyer show is Dan Bejar himself. I've had my problems with Bejar as a frontman. He's usually lazy, difficult to engage with and disinterested. He seems to spend the time he's not singing sitting down, drinking. When he is singing he does so with his eyes closed. The behaviour is meant to create a sense of mystique around him as a frontman. The audience, like neglected children, are meant to beg him for just a bit of attention. For me, this isn't ideal. I don't buy into Bejar's weird stage presence, I prefer artists to appear to be having fun and to inject a little bit of energy into their live performances.

Today, however, Dan Bejar acted less like a musical sloth than usual. At times he came dangerously close to dancing, he interacted a little with the crowd and laughed at slight mistakes made by his band. It simply seemed as if he was having fun up there, and for me that made all the difference. Vocally his performance was strong as usual. Bejar has such an odd way of singing his lines ,that you get the sense that a Destroyer song could only be sung effectively by him. There's so much personality in his voice and this comes across well in his live performance, especially when he's in good form.

He played through most of the best songs found on Kaputt, but I was delighted to hear a good deal of earlier material from Destroyer's Rubies (closer 'Rubies' was a particular highlight) and Your Blues. A particularly good new song was also played.

Destroyer is one of the best acts about on his day, and this gig was one of those days. When he's more withdrawn he's still an enthralling live act, but if you catch him at his best you'll have a gig to remember.