Authority Figure, a performance art piece directed by FlucT's Monica Mirabile and Otion Front partner Sarah Kinlaw, explores the concept of authority. From May 20-22, 150+ performers, a wide variety of choreography and installations by local artists, as well as original music by Dev Hynes, Dan Deacon, Pictureplane, Hot Sugar, Chairlift's Caroline Polachek, Eartheater, and SOPHIE will be showcased in Knockdown Center, a 50,000 square feet site in Queens.

"Everyone's relationship to authority is layered and complex, including ours," Mirabile and Kinlaw told The FADER. "Whether we are children, employers, bitches, cops and/or lovers, we have to deal with our relationships to obedience. Obedience and authority exist on a spectrum, we fluctuate between agency and insecurity on the daily. Authority Figure is choreography of the systems that program our obedient identities so that we can move through them and start to understand our relationships to each other. It's about performing agency and responsibility or the point when you shift from observer to participant."