Dev Hynes has revealed, via MTV Hive, that Clams Casino will be joining him in the studio on his new album as Blood Orange.

Although the upcoming LP doesn't have a title or set release date yet, Hynes has gone on record by saying that he hopes to have the LP released "when it's still sunny." Speaking with MTV Hive, Hynes spoke about the overall aura over the upcoming LP:

"The kind of vibe of the album is … do you know the Will Powers record? It was an ’80s record that was done by a photographer [Lynn Goldsmith] and it was meant to be a fake self-help album and she got all these musicians like Todd Rundgren and Carly Simon and Tom Bailey involved. It’s kinda like how Malcolm McLaren’s albums had so many vocalists, it’s that kind of thing. The closest I can think of in later years is like Gorillaz albums, they have that feel. So it’s kinda like that and I’m not as vocally present on it as before."

Watch the video for 'I'm Sorry We Lied':