Label: Anti Release Date: 19/01/08 Link: Over the last few years games makers have become increasingly clever with how they package their games, especially when it comes to adverts/trailers. The 'Hollywood' approach games companies have been using to sell their products is nothing short of brilliant in my eyes and that approach was perfectly demonstrated with Microsofts release of 'Gears of War 2: The Last Day' last year. Every apect of that advert was spot on, especially the music. If theres a song out there that can walk side by side with dispair, death and general end-of-world scenarios better than DeVotchKa's 'How It Ends' then i'd like to hear it because I'm not sure it's possible. In my opinion the song is absoultely flawless and regardless of the fact that advert served as my first taster of the song, I still feel that the swirling pianos, pulsating accordions and general greatness of Nick Urata's vocals would have conjured up the same images in my head anyway. But bravo to whoever decided to use this song for the advert, you may just be the smartest person alive. Rating: 9/10