The cold is coming. This is not a weather column, but some music just sounds better at the right temperatures. Summer is for music that induces heart palpitations and head rushes, when autumn comes it's time to slow it down and get a little darker. Put some audio fleece on your ears. My personal favorite.

With a name like Jasper Patterson, it's hard to expect anything less than greatness from Los Angeles' Groundislava. His newest album Feel Me was released late August, it's dream-like, melancholy, and wonderful, but also features the distinct falsetto of Baths' Will Wiesenfeld on the track 'Suicide Mission.' Wiesenfeld's addition makes the track stand out on the album, being one of the few tracks with (slightly) distinguishable lyrics. Groundislava is playing the game of chase that so many artists have taken a liking to, jumping quickly and nimbly from genre to genre and blending them together seamlessly.

If anyone knows how to take it darker and dirtier it's The Gaslamp Killer. His album Breakthrough is due out this September, and the expectations are already high. His energy filled grit of a sound is in full force on the three tracks that can be heard for now, 'Impulse,' 'Flange Face,' and 'Seven Years of Bad Luck For Fun.' Impulse is brimming with explosive percussion and… a flute? Computer sounds? Daedelus? Vinyl scratches? Where are we? This stuff is crazy, prescription strength, and in the best way.

Carnivals have a bad reputation. They smell bad. That kid puked on your shoe. Water costs as much as a meal. And does anyone really want to ride something called a salt-shaker? The answer is no. But the project created by Stewart Green of Sheffield, Carnivals, is quite the opposite of puke on your shoe. The EP Humility is the soundtrack to Green's expedition across India. It is a blissful bass filled coy trick, clever and ambient all at the same time. On 'Contrails' the piano bits are sly and almost creepy, contrasted beautifully with heavy bass and ethereal vocals. 'French Tongues' utilizes the piano just as well, in a more stand out way though. The entire EP is like being thrown around inside of a cloud with pianos and subs on the outsides. Now what will you think of when you hear someone say carnival?

We've been patiently waiting the release of the new album Coexist by The xx. I was especially interested after hearing that it was inspired by club music, it seemed almost sacrilegious to do anything but sit in a dark room and cry to their music. What? But really, the guttural honesty that the first album featured seemed in no way dance-like to me. Every track was personal and emotional. But after hearing tracks such as 'Sunset,' that include an obvious head-nod-able beat, I'm okay with it. Bottom line, it still sounds like The xx. The best parts have only been re-worked and tweaked to be a bit cleaner and more alive. 'Try' begins with a whistling and the signature dark bass. The vocals are more insistent on this track, an odd combination that works perfectly. Coexist will be released September 10th (11th in the US), and the album can be streamed here for now.

Marcel Everett freaks me out. The kid is just legal enough to drive, but makes mature and interesting music that seems far beyond the star-struck brain of a 16-year-old. Nonetheless, recent track 'You Are Why I Am Invisible' by xxyyxx is just as good as the rest. It's still low and enticing, a little snazzy and hazy.

The summer was musically explosive, and I can only predict mass amount of low bass and darker sounds for the upcoming colder months. Except for all the southern heat hoarders who only know one season, this music should make the transition to frozen weather a bit more endurable.