Hell yes! Hell yes. When the music pouring through your ears elicits these two words followed by a stream of other adjectives, there’s nothing to complain about. Of course, there is the preliminary dig through the shitstorm of mediocre audio head scratching, but the search is usually worth it. This edition features everything that has captured my attention for more than five minutes, and made me hit repeat, and then again. Featuring some funky house from Nicolas Jaar, a dreamed up and slowed down remix from oOoOO, heavenly melodies from Blackbird Blackbird, and collection of other tracks sure to bring bliss to your ears.

California based Daedelus released a collection of tracks for Scion Audio Visual recently, featuring a plethora of different sounds that are enticing and contrasting. He melds platforms of classical piano with hard-hitting vibrations in 'Looking Ocean' featuring Austin Peralta. The results are fantastic, the delicate piano is a perfect dissimilarity. On '2 plus 2' featuring Zackey Force Funk things get heavier, and quite a bit more dance-able. Sporadic and weird, the sound Zackey Force Funk adds to Daedelus is unexpected and adds an element that works well with Daedelus’ already established sound. The EP is available for download on Scion A/V’s website.

Mr. Oizo has a reputation for producing everything and anything out there and strange, usually via his quirky website. I've found a way to like most of what he's put out since 'Feadz On' in 2007. This time it's a selection of unreleased bits and pieces he has thrown together since 2004, as represented by a pair of familiar furry hands. "Unreleased, unpleasant, unfinished," were the words chosen to describe and name this assortment of what sounds like someone with a low attention span and high energy. Parts are slightly SebastiAn-like, a fellow Ed Banger Records artist. 'HIDOLLS' hits hard and unapologetic, a pretty excellent track for being labeled as unpleasant. Several of the tracks feature some interesting dialogue, such as on 'MOSITIF' which begins with "It's going to be exciting watching the end of the world/end of the life." The rest of the track is relentless, as most on the mix. The entire mixtape is available for download on his website, with the small price of your email address.

Everyone loves edamame, those little soybeans are delicious. I'm unsure about the food preferences of Chicago based artist Edamame, but his music caught my attention among the throng of lo-fi music. His style is reminiscent of Tycho with a little more step to it. Translucent and stylistic, he draws inspiration from nature and keeps everything pretty down to earth. His soundcloud is chock full of dreamy beats to make your ears ooze happiness, in the best way possible. His use of string instrument sounds is perhaps the most drawing characteristic of his music, he’s managed to perfect a glitched chilled out vibe.

It's pretty hard to avoid cats. On any given day I am bombarded with cat pictures on every social media platform I attend to. Whatever it is, they've become the defining point of Magnus August Høiberg's music career, better known as Cashmere Cat. Høiberg released the short 15 minute EP Mirror Maru this month, and on it manages to define and establish a style that is distinct, a feat for a short work of art. On the title track, he mixes harp-like samples with the occasional taste of trap, producing a beautifully melded four minutes with sporadic bed spring squeaking. On 'Kiss Kiss', the track begins sounding almost a little too pop-like for me, but is soon replaced by smooth synths laced with vocals that are not as annoying as I first thought. The entire EP is filled with surprises like this, taking you one way only to divert your attention another way in the next moment.

Danny Brown is arguably one of the best new artists to follow/ 'Grown Up' solidified his presence in the media, and has recently sparked a remix from oOoOO. I have a really hard time trying to talk about oOoOO but I've always enjoyed their outlandish 'witch-house' style in moderation, so I was interested to see what they would do with 'Grown Up', it seemed a bit out of their element. They take a good spin on the already stellar track, and a minute in they make it their own throwing in a slow-motion bass heavy intermission.

Another product of Scion A/V's ongoing project is Nick Koenig, better known as Hot Sugar. The New Yorker produces Clams Casino-esque sounds with a little more variation. Instead of a complete blur of bass, he adds drum and audio samples here and there to make the sound more of his own.

Something about these Chilean house artists, Nicolas Jaar and Ricardo Villalobos know how to do it. Jaar moved to Chile and back at a young age, and his sound is always a bit similar to Villalobos'. On the new track 'The Ego' Jaar keeps it full bodied and weird, beginning with audio samples that jump back and forth between English and possibly Spanish? He keeps it on the slow side but with interest, never losing my attention. The track is also credited to Theatre Roosevelt, a mysterious character yet to be identified.

I saved the best for last. One of my favorite releases this year next to all the Flying Lotus excitement is Blackbird Blackbird's Boracay Planet. The album is seven tracks of pure gold. It is the perfect blend between guitar and synth. On some tracks he sounds similar to Washed Out, and on others the feel goes more to the Youth Lagoon route. It's melancholic and complex sound is pliable and overall listenable in any situation. The video for 'Tear' features a series of bokeh vignettes that match the feeling of the track flawlessly.

'It's A War' is another standout track from the album, it’s catchy and does not hesitate to lodge itself into your head without any intentions of leaving. I could rant on about Mikey Maramag's music, but it's best to just listen yourself.