With a unique brand of textured pop music, New York-based artist DEYO is sure to capture a lot of hearts this year. His eclectic blend of sounds and styles pleases both the mind and the soul in equal measure. On new single 'digital,' the first teaser from his forthcoming debut LP, DEYO showcases his prowess for marrying the old and new, resulting in a punchy, eminently danceable track that establishes him as a must-listen artist in 2019.

Against a backdrop of grooving bass and chicken-scratch guitars, DEYO drops an exquisite, heartfelt melody about the trials and tribulations of modern love.

"It’s a song about longing for real affection but receiving it in the form of constant electronic stimulation," says DEYO (real name Christopher Deyo Braun). "It has an uptempo disco feel to it, and every section takes you to a new room of this decadent discotheque."

You can watch the mesmerizingly fun video for 'digital' (directed by Michael Parks Randa) above. DEYO's self-titled debut is due out Sept. 20.