Today Deyyess releases the brilliant, bold new single ‘Addicted’. It’s both simultaneously melancholic and strangely hopeful as she fights through the devastation of a breakup before finding a strong resolute in its conclusion. Carving out an individual style of impassioned ballad-pop, she has already won over a host of tastemakers including Spotify, Billboard and others.

This new single is her most dance-ready release so far, her distinct vocal working well against the glistening percussion. The key line of “think I’m addicted” hits hard before a wall of synth comes in to flood the track, creating the most ambitious song so far from this young artist.

Growing up in rural Kent, Deyyess priorities were sport over music, almost ended up in an Arsenal girls team. She never really discussed her sexuality growing up, but now she is prepared to bare all and share with her ever-growing fanbase.

Check out Deyyess' latest single above.