Dia is the musical project of classically trained singer and composer Danielle Birrittella. The former opera singer has worked and sang the world over, and while she has moved into a more contemporary style of music in the vein of baroque pop/ cinematic folk, that classical training is still in her blood.

She was raised singing ceremonial ragas on the Hindu ashram where she was raised - this is what ignited her love of singing and composing. She stayed classical for many years, singing opera and delving into her love of Baroque and French Romantic styles of classical music. This training found its way into her recent musical pursuits in Dia. She took her various musical knowledge and readings of old poetry and crafted her debut EP, Tiny Ocean- "the idea of just total surrender to love, martyrdom for love is power".

Her music struck a chord, especially with electro artist Ski Lodge, and the 405 is here with the exclusive remix premiere of Dia’s single, ‘Gambling Girl’. About the track, Ms. Birrittella says:

"A friend in NYC connected me with Ski Lodge. He listened to the tracks on the EP and chose to make a remix of Gambling Girl. When he first sent it to me, I was driving on the freeway and got so excited, I opened the roof, put all the windows down, and just started dancing and singing in my seat, in standstill traffic. There's undoubtedly an epic amount of longing in this song and Ski Lodge captured the intensity and sensuality of it in its purest form."

The remix is a swirling, mid-tempo track that stays the course. As Ms. Birrittella said, it keeps the “sensuality of it in its purest form.” The remix urges you to move, but not all willy-nilly. More than anything, this Ski Lodge remix of ‘Gambling Girl’, gets you to feel.