London based Diagrams has a fairly misleading name due to the fact that the music isn’t subject to conventional structure. Almost completely elusive, Diagrams have kept a low profile leading up to the release of this self-titled debut EP, Diagrams. Similar to Diagrams current media image, the music is also difficult to pin down. An eclectic mix of odd pop, future folk and Fink style crooning, there lies the foundations for a widely varying EP.

Opener ‘Night All Night’ sounds like wandering into a dark forest late at night and seeing druids chanting in a circle before breaking into a luscious future folk number. ‘Antelope’ is another highlight with a more up tempo feel which bounces along with an irresistible guitar hook. Diagrams offer a wide musical palette but one that is hard to digest all in one go.

There is a lot of potential within this debut EP with a range of subtle avant-garde elements. Although the EP has musical potential, it seems that Diagrams is having an identity crisis, not knowing which genre to follow. The one thing that Diagrams seem to lack is focused structure which could perhaps be aided with the use of a diagram.