Clocking in at six songs long, low-profile Los Angeles producer Diamondstein's The Ridges album is the perfect soundtrack to the dark underbelly of a melancholic future dystopia tinged with just the right amount of doomed romance. Integrating a mixture of music ideas drawn from classical, metal, electronica, synthwave, techno and film score composition, it's fully realised hyper-cinematic soundworld recalls the shared aesthetic explored in films like Blade Runner, Dark City, The Matrix, The Thirteenth Floor and Existenz.

Initially identified as a Vaporwave label, in more recent times, Dream Catalogue has explored an overarching theme of dream music. While The Ridges subtle sense of danger and terror hasn't really been present in Dream Catalogue's discography before, as the film reference points suggest, it's half-awake/half-asleep, is-it-real/is-it-not feel allows it to serve as the perfect entry point into a new "darker" vision of dream music.

You can listen to The Ridges below. It's available for purchase in limited edition cassette and digital download formats via Dream Catalogue here.