Here's some very refined and ultra-designed high optic music for you, the first split release/mid-Atlantic collaboration from Diamondstein and Sangam. Released through Doom Trip Records (home to the likes of R.Stevie Moore and Rangers), Lullabies For Broken Spirits is a suite of richly filmic electronic composition pieces that ripple with urban grit and charm. Perfectly capturing that highly sought after neo-cyberpunk feeling often pursued by artists working within, or working from, a space informed by vaporwave and its many descendant micro-genres, these are the sort of songs you want to listen to throw crystal quality headphones while wandering through misty city streets after midnight.

Last time I checked in with LA's Diamondstein properly, he'd just released his 2016 album The Ridges through Dream Catalogue. Back then, he was already laying down the foundations for this particular aesthetic, while also making it clear, he had some genuine aspirations to work within the worlds of sound design, film scoring, and modern composition. Similarly, Manchester's Sangam has spent a bit of time dreaming up a musical framework that takes cues from the hauntological sounds of Burial, and the ghosts of classic UK Garage and genius-period dubstep, giving his neo-cyberpunk dystopia a distinctly North England feel and mood underpinned by rainy nights and fluorescent lights.

You can stream/purchase Lullabies For Broken Spirits through the Doom Trip Records Bandcamp here: