The bit with the background. Last summer Montreal-types DIANA (sometimes stylised as D I A N A for you semantic pedants) released a smashing synth-filled track titled 'Born Again', which was like Com Truise dipped in a jucassi.

One of the tracks of 2012. Anywho this week fellow Canadian producer and 405-fav Doldrums set 'Anamoly' loose on the Internet as we reported, and here has been busy again by providing a hugely esoteric and chilled remix of DIANA's aforementioned track - certainly compared to the original.

Although 'Born Again' surfaced last June, it is now thankfully to get a phsycial release available on 12″ with the Doldrums remix a B-side. It's out January 28th 2013 and limited to 500 copies - preorder here. Expect an LP later in the year.