Diana Gordon didn't just write an anthem, she took every single truth patriarchy has tried to hide for eternity and released it in such an effortlessly badass song and video that you may just sweat when you watch it. 'Woman' is Diana's first ever music video and it was directed by Cameron McCool. Watch below.

"We shot this video on a cold day in November. Five pregnant women on the cusp of giving birth and hungry, everyone having to pee at the same time. It was also one of the calmest days I’ve ever experienced," she says. "We all wanted to capture the incredible beauty of this ancient magic called ‘creation of life’. I also wanted to give them classic beautiful images to show their children when they were older. This song, that is rock & roll reincarnated, that celebrates your mother, my mother, your sister, and my sister is just my way to stand up for the woman next to me and all those unseen. We need each other and the world really needs us right now."