South African rave rap crew Die Antwoord have announced they'll be releasing their highly anticipated third studio album this summer... well in two weeks to be exact. Donker Mag is set to hit the shelves on June 3rd via the band's own label ZEF RECORDZ, and you can check the LP's new single 'Pitbull Terrier', as well as its video, below.

Heavily invasive and violent (as most of Die Antwoord's visual experiences are), 'Pitbull Terrier''s macabre nature is highly addictive and has us looking forward to hearing the album.

Check the album's tracklisting below.

  • 1 'Dont Fuk Me'
  • 2 'Ugly Boy'
  • 3 'Happy Go Sucky Fucky'
  • 4 'Zars'
  • 5 'Raging Zef Boner'
  • 6 'Pompie'
  • 7 'Cookie Thumper!'
  • 8 'Girl I Want 2 Eat U'
  • 9 'Pitbull Terrier'
  • 10 'Strunk'
  • 11 'Do Not Fuk Wif Da Kid'
  • 12 'Rat Trap 666' (featuring DJ Muggs)
  • 13 'I Dont Dwank'
  • 14 'Sex'
  • 15 'Moon Love'
  • 16 'Donker Mag'