John Dieterich from Deerhoof & Jeremy Barnes from Neutral Milk Hotel and A Hawk and A Hacksaw have combined their genius and formed a new musical duo with a forthcoming album set for release. Dieterich & Barnes will deliver their 11-track The Coral Casino collaborative LP and have debuted the album's first cut that comes in the form of 'Out and About,' a stirring tribute to the satellite Philae (the first satellite to land on a comet.)

The day after they met, the musical duo united with zero expectations to improvise melody and pop provisions to contribute the rich textured foundations for what we'll hear on the forthcoming release, which is out on May 6th via the Living Music Dupli-cation label. Check out the first single below.

  • 1. Out and About (4:10)
  • 2. Special Questions (3:13)
  • 3. Philae lands on Comet 67p_Churyumov-Gerasimenko (3:20)
  • 4. Mummers (:23)
  • 5. People Person (3:59)
  • 6. Parasol Gigante (2:58)
  • 7. Sandwild (2:17)
  • 8. What (4.28)
  • 9. Brain Envy (3:43)
  • 10. The Frost Pocket (5:00)
  • 11. Sales Tan, Part 2 (2:37)