The revenue received by digital music sales in the UK has excelled over those of physical music sales for the first time in British history.

It has been recorded that 55.5% of recorded music income originated from downloading, streaming and other digital services in the first quarter of 2012. Despite CD sales still declining and having done so for recent years, it is immediately clear that digital sales are on the up with more people than ever paying for services such as Spotify for their music.

A total of £86.5 million was gained for digital sales in the British record industry in the first quarter of this year with the total revenue for physical sales standing at £69.3 million. Collectively, the revenue for both altogether stands at £155.8 million – a rise of 2.7% compared to the first quarter of last year.

CMU was told by BPI boss Geoff Taylor "This is a significant milestone in the evolution of the music business... [yet] we will need to see this trend repeated for several quarters to say we have turned the corner...:

With the age of music piracy seemingly lay to rest, let's hope these figures continue to grace music industry revenue and perhaps even exceed them in the future.