Toronto/Berlin electro artist Digits has been exercising his creativity with a new project: a serialized story album called In the City of the Dead. With chapters scattered across the music blogosphere, the haunting tale follows journalist J in a world of thrills, lawlessness...and zombies.

Read the full story here, and check out Chapter 11: Nowhere To Hide, below.

Chapter 11: Nowhere To Hide

Running for his life. Never stopping. He had been preparing for it without really realizing. Stayed in survival shape, prepared to have to fend for himself again.

Everyone knew he was a hunted man. But most people hated the Mona Lisas and would help him wherever possible. There was still no option but for him to leave the city though, sooner or later, someone would rat him out. So he ran.

The quickest way out was northwest: back to the Borderline...

But even in the countryside, nobody would help him. Fear of the Mona Lisas was more widespread than J realized. He was given permission to live on the outer edge of an isolated camp as long as he promised to keep to himself. He built a makeshift shack.

It was bitterly cold every night.