Nu-shoegaze band, DIIV have decided to pull the plug on their upcoming European live dates. Frontman Zachary Cole Smith told the NME that:

"I have to be off the road. I've been touring in various formations for three years, and the past year of my life has been completely give over to being on the road. It’s an unspoken thing, it's not real articulated pressure to constantly tour, but I do feel it… There’s just this constant barrage of stuff. As an artist, the biggest, most important reason for me to do this is to write and create. That then becomes the thing that falls by the wayside because you have to keep all this other stuff going."

Smith has since accused them of printing this information ahead of a full decision being made though it would appear that cancellation is now the case.

On a positive note, the band have also announced that they've begun writing and recording to last year's mighty Oshin. No release date has been set yet.