Having recently made a return with 'Skin Game', DIIV have today shared another new track from the upcoming album Deceiver called 'Taker'.

Where 'Skin Game' suggested the band were dipping their toe a little further into classic shoegaze sounds, 'Taker' fully plunges them in. Featuring mounds of dizzyingly blurred guitars, structured atop their resolute rhythm section, 'Taker' is practically imperious in its steady drive. The mood of gradual overcoming is palpable in the slovenly movement, barbed by Cole's insistence that "for years I've lived in vain." Nevertheless, when the more razor-edged guitar slices through the track to back the epic chorus, there's a feeling of rising from the ashes, and it's a powerful force of emotion that continues to bob and squeal throughout the finale.

DIIV's new album Deceiver is out October 4th on Captured Tracks.