Canadian sludge rockers Dilly Dally are releasing their new album Heaven next Friday (September 14th) on Partisan Records. Today they're giving us one final shove towards it with the emphatic 'Doom'. Singer Katie Monks tells us about the track:

"The song is about preserving your spirit despite all odds. When your friends are out of reach, and you feel like you could fall forever into a deep depression, this song is asking you to catch yourself. It’s so hard to admit sometimes that we are all fragile. And it’s up to each of us as individuals, to take responsibility for our own happiness.

"Even if glimpses of beauty seem few and far between. Hold on to those moments as though they were a part of your own body, and crucial to your existence. Because...they are."

This struggle is realised in Dilly Dally's trademark guitar growl, spewing toxic chords throughout 'Doom'. Katie's spirit of overcoming comes resounding out from within the darkness through her piercing vocal, thrillingly riding atop the tumultuous storm brewed by the band in their most unfriendly attitude. She may sing "If I make it" repeatedly in the chorus, but with the strength on display in this track there's no doubt that she and Dilly Dally will endure. Listen below.

Dilly Dally's new album Heaven comes out on Partisan on September 14th. They're planning a brief jaunt in Europe in October, playing these dates:

Oct 3 | Maze Club - Berlin, DE
Oct 4 | V11 - Rotterdam, NL
Oct 5 | Botanique - Brussels, BE
Oct 8 | Espace B - Paris, FR
Oct 9 | Sebright Arms - London, UK [SOLD OUT]