Not too long after the welcomed breakout of Toronto outfit Dilly Dally, the band have officially taken on the work of fellow Toronto mega-star Drake with their cover of 'Know Yourself'.

Before the release of the band's heralded debut album Sore, Dilly Dally had already begun performing their drastically different version of 'Know Yourself', gaining buzz at last year's performance at the CMJ FADER Fort. Those familiar with the band won't be quite shocked by the obvious striking contrasts between both versions, tabbing the If You're Reading This You're Too Late cut with thrash, bashing drums, and gutted vocals. Those more familiar with the original, however, may be caught a bit off-guard.

Listen to 'Know Yourself' below and grab Dilly Dally's album Sore today on Partisan Records and on iTunes. Check out the band's remaining tour dates at the official Dilly Dally website.