Here’s ‘Warm Up,’ the latest single from Sydney-based club music duo DIN. Made up of Rainbow Chan (Chunyin) and Alex Ward (Moon Holiday), according to i-D DIN got its start when the Sydney-dwellers, both solo artists in their own right, decided they were pretty keen for a outlet where they could have a break from having to be the 'face' of a creative project. As with their past singles and live performances, ‘Warm Up’ is pure body music, or to be a bit more complicated, unorthodox techno and house learning dance music, as explored/fleshed out through a sensory exploration of texture, tone, rhythm, and melody.

Later this month, they’ll release their first cassette tape through Moontown Records. Keep an eye on Moontown’s social media for more information on that. It looks like they’ll also be hosting a launch party at The Gaelic Club in Sydney on May 18. More details here.